As a person who loves my native country, the United States of America, and as a person who will do anything to protect and defend my country’s Constitution, by definition that qualifies me as an American Patriot.  That said, there is always room for improvement when one seeks a reasonable amount of perfection from ones country, ones countrymen and ones self.  From my personal perspective, based on personal experiences and observations since the late 1940s, it appears that America has gotten off track in many ways when compared to the intended interpretations and applications of the United States Constitution.  As a result, many of our citizens are suffering–often unnecessarily.  Read the various posts and links here at survivaltimes.wordpress.com about our country’s Constitution and compare it with the alternatives presented and demanded by others who want to destroy our American Constitutional way of life and you’ll quickly discover that now is the exact moment in time when “legal” U.S. of A. citizens (and other freedom-seeking people of good will) must stand up and fight to keep America a strong and “In God We Trust” nation if we are to survive.  And, because of our weakened world-wide economy and the apparent collapse of our country’s financial system, this blog also provides many personal/family/community survival suggestions and references in an effort to inform and help my fellow American citizens.  If this blog helps to relieve the suffering and/or confusion of even one fellow American citizen, then the blog will have served a useful purpose.

Your comments regarding the content of this site are always welcome.

Thank you for stopping by … and may God bless you one and all.

Bob Grafe

P.S.  The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert

Note:  The informative links provided at this site are intended to allow the reader easy access to data sources that might provide answers to the troubling questions of our times.  They are updated frequently as our survival-related focus dictates.  Links are provided as educational resources and are not necessarily content endorsements by this blog.  Please consider making this site one of your “favorites” where you can easily find thought-provoking and resourceful informational survival-related links consolidated at one web location.

February 22, 2012:  Note to those who have been referred to this site regarding a recent appointment to a public school board of trustees.  Public school board matters should not be political in nature.  This site is “primarily” in response to the Obama administration’s philosophy and actions that have adversely affected the United States causing its citizens to enter into a “survival times” mode–hence the name of the blog.  The site’s creation and first postings were entered about seven weeks after the 2008 presidential election.  The blog’s commentary is frequently political in nature and is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  You may not agree with the writer’s opinions.  If so, you are requested to make your own comments in an effort to encourage a dialog of ideas–if you wish to.  This posting is being made on February 22, 2012 after receiving several challenges to this writer’s right to publish his own thoughts on matters unrelated to a public school board even when the writings were published years earlier well before the writer was appointed to serve as a trustee on a local public school board.  The writings contained herein have nothing to do with local public school board matters today or earlier.

UPDATE:  In an effort to curtail the occasional inappropriate comments made by a few readers yesterday and today regarding certain older postings that have become a distraction to more important and current issues, the postings generating increasing hostility have been removed.  (February 23, 2012)

UPDATE:  As time continues to move along, it becomes necessary to, once again, encourage those who seek truth by providing readers with “factual” and “helpful” information and to broadcast that information where it may be heard, shared and pondered.  The goal is to share thoughts–without having to worry about personal “attack” when one expresses their own personal opinions, thoughts, findings, suggestions, concerns, reflections … and more!  My short stint as an “appointed” member of a “public” school board has broadened my thoughts about public education in general–and certain public school districts specifically.  For the curious, my earlier writings about illegals being “illegal,” public schools needing to protect their “local” and “legal” citizenry while providing God-inspired education, and many more are still available to read on the Internet.  Free speech has a way of staying “around” when it rings of the “truth!”  As we approach the November general elections, where the public has the last “say” in the “real” vetting process, it is my hope that truth will prevail over those vocal few who are filled with hate and “illegal” threatenings when their own immoral, inappropriate and financially costly agendas are exposed to the public for what they truly are.  Stay tuned … (July 15, 2012)   

By:  Bob Grafe

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