If you don’t approve of my descriptions of illegal aliens, try this site on for size!!    An “Illegal” alien is still illegal … regardless of country of origin! You may try, but you can’t sugar-coat breaking the immigration laws forever and expect to keep our country’s freedoms intact for “legal” citizens! This is NOT and never has been a “racial” issue. Only racists attempt to wrongly make it appear so!!

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Radio show host, news director, critic ... California/Alaska/Texas; VISTA Volunteer-Philly, PA; Ft. Benning Infantry School for Boys-Retired USA; ME for Texas Daily Newspaper; Nat'l Bank Chief Appraiser; TX County Chief Probation Officer; Retired x 3 or 4 ... whose counting?? Oh, yeh ... music - Great listener! OK humming ... shower singer ... I can pluck and plunk at a Hammond A-100 ... too old for a roady ... front "kid" for Louie and Pearl (RIP); I know who Mrs. Calabash is/was ... JD told me ... personally!! And, most importantly ... dah-dah!! ... I actually get paid occasionally to write reviews. Note for Web guy: The website above belongs to someone ... ?? Not me!!

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  1. …The fact is it may not be a “political correct angle of assesment”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the truth…… around 1776, a few years prior, it was quite illegal fo suggest things needed to change if the people were going to enjoy the freedoms they were experiencig short term, to maintain it Long term…. We can let the minority , whiose majority arn’t even legal citizens , with American Citizen Rights, tell the Majority of true United States of America Citizens how they should run their affairs….or we can stand up and exercise our rights and demand those participating illegaly, to qualify to the letter of the law in this subject matter, the same way we are forced, expected and desire to fulfill the letter of the law in every other subject matter that keeps our country operating on a level that makes living in these United States so enjoyable, everone else in the world wants to live here….. But I would be considered an idiot if I went to another country and demanded they change their laws on my behalf because it would make it more convienient for me to live there rather than follow their letter of the law….. Do you think another country would say “sure, no problem”…… or would they be laughing their ars off as they “drop kicked me over the goal post of life” ? ….. How is this issue any different…. Thank You and have a nice day….

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