FOX News Should Fire Talking Head Uma Pemmaraju For Cause

By:  Bob Grafe, Columnist

© FOX News is beginning to look both foolish and ignorant in the presentation of their breaking news “facts” they purport to present.  The leader of the “Pack of Foolishness” is barely intelligible teleprompter reader Uma Pemmaraju.

Her latest fiasco occurred during her recent so-called “interview” with Congressman Jason Chaffetz, R-UT who is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Repeatedly, Pemmaraju would attempt to restate what the Congressman had just stated–frequently stating the exact opposite of what Chaffetz had said concerning the use of full-body screening machines as part of airport security.

After the third or fourth time Pemmaraju just “didn’t get it,” the interview reduced to a farce.  Chaffetz kept his composure–even though he could have (fully within his rights) blasted Pemmaraju for her stupidity.

FOX News continues to use their favorite slogan of “Fair and Balanced” in their reporting.  Perhaps while Pemmaraju is still around the various FOX News sets the slogan should be “Impaired and unbalanced.”

For the sake of journalism, Pemmaraju needs to be fired with cause and sent back to wherever she came from “off shore” to go back to answering technical computer questions via the telephone for some large corporation.

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