Senior Citizens Need To Speak Out Loudly To Control Our “Out Of Control” So-Called “Government Officials” At Every Level – They Use To Be Called “Public Servants!”

It’s that time of year again.  Those hazy, lazy, “crazy” days of summer.


But, hold on a minute.


According to those high-paid environmental so-called experts, our local “haze” is no longer such—it’s now categorized as smog.  Translated:  smog means that life here will now cost us more since we’ll have more government-salaried  “enforcement” employees not embarrassed to cash-in on the economic/environmental scam of our time—the government’s “green machine.”


You just thought automobile emissions devices were expensive before.  Wait until the Environmental Protection Agency’s engineers gets through with their “scientific” review of  our automotive so-called bad habits.


The old patriotism-building “Made In The USA” signs are rapidly being recycled with  biodegradable material-made signs imported from Bangladesh reading “If You Aren’t Green You’re Mean.”


Brother, you ain’t seen “mean” yet until you push a group of highly trained patriotic seasoned senior citizens into a corner—economic or otherwise.  The younger generation together with those older “stayed-in-office-way-too-long” government officials and other “public non-servants” better correct their self-serving ways—while there’s still time for them to do so before a bloody battle over “rights” ensues in this great country.


And “Lazy.”  Give me a break.


How much blood, sweat and tears do you expect to get out of this old turnip?


Frankly, if I choose to be lazy this summer … that’s exactly what I’m going to be.  The great equalizer for the likes of the Al Gores, Al Sharptons and Al Capones of this world is time.  If I have sufficient resources for “my needs,” not some other elitist clown’s phony gather-the-wealth expectations, then I own the 24-hour time-clock—not them—not in this country—not now or ever—and certainly not on my watch as long as my trigger-finger doesn’t have too much arthritis!


This summer, don’t just let “crazy” be.


We seniors have the advantage of wisdom gained through much experience over time.  “Crazy” behavior is in the eye of the beholder—unless of course you’re a school psychologist these days with the power of the pen to place a psychological dysfunctional label of some sort or another on way too many school children.


Perhaps the public school leaders (I believe they’re suppose to look out for “the public!”) would provide a better public-service by having the school’s psychological personnel diagnose the “crazy” behaviors of those in control of the local school system, judicial buildings and community hospital. 


Am I the only one in this local community who thinks that it is absolutely “crazy” for our local school district, hospital and judicial district officials to support placing senior citizens and all other local tax-payers at great financial risk by taking on hundreds of millions (yes, “hundreds” of millions when combined together) in new financial debt for the citizens of our community to pay for years and years while our country is on the brink of economic recession and/or a 1929-type depression?


I don’t think so.


Perhaps local officials upon taking on their respective offices should be required to make a pledge to the citizens they serve of:  “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!”  Most senior citizens reading this column recall those words of wisdom practiced by their parents and grandparents—and  by themselves today.


Seniors, if you haven’t at least filed for all of the legal property tax exemptions that you have earned, now is not too soon to get that done.


And, if that mortgage hasn’t been paid off, this summer would be a great time to get that accomplished.  Look into a life-estate for you and your heirs to use (see an attorney) if necessary to assist with getting out of home mortgage debt—now.


It’s not too late to let your fingers do the walking right across the election push-screen to mark “no” when governments get out of control financially and otherwise.


Even with arthritis, the trigger-finger still has the strength to display great wisdom at the touch-screen battle ground—even during the heat of a long summer.


© Submitted by Bob Grafe for publication on May 7, 2008.

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Radio show host, news director, critic ... California/Alaska/Texas; VISTA Volunteer-Philly, PA; Ft. Benning Infantry School for Boys-Retired USA; ME for Texas Daily Newspaper; Nat'l Bank Chief Appraiser; TX County Chief Probation Officer; Retired x 3 or 4 ... whose counting?? Oh, yeh ... music - Great listener! OK humming ... shower singer ... I can pluck and plunk at a Hammond A-100 ... too old for a roady ... front "kid" for Louie and Pearl (RIP); I know who Mrs. Calabash is/was ... JD told me ... personally!! And, most importantly ... dah-dah!! ... I actually get paid occasionally to write reviews. Note for Web guy: The website above belongs to someone ... ?? Not me!!

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