$700 Billion In Bail-Out Bucks And More To Come! Enough Already!

So, when is enough … enough?  Senior citizens need to know!


Maybe a war with Iran or Russia would finally cure our country’s financial ills?  As if today’s senior citizens don’t already have enough to worry about.


What ever happened to the thoughts of a strong military to “protect our borders” and government management designed to encourage both individual citizens and American business to prosper in the pursuit of happiness—without government-created and citizen taxpayer paid-for golden parachutes providing bail-outs for the financial elite?


Have our elected government officials forgotten that our country’s Constitution provides excellent guidance regarding war, legal immigration, and economic trade practices? 


It seems like just yesterday that U.S. taxpayers were working off our World War II debt.  Throw in-between then and now a few taxpayer financially funded “conflicts” like our apparently life-long military presence in Korea, our urban-renewal of Viet Nam–turning that country into today’s thriving tourist destination—along with an alphabet soup list of other U.S. military-industrial complex generated war-begun-turned-police-action zones in other countries such as Iraq—and you create a recipe for a country-wide (if not a world-wide) financial death rattle.


Then next, thanks to the smoke and mirrors of the federal reserve (a private U.S. Central Bank—not a U.S. government agency), let’s take away the “gold standard” and crank up the treasury department’s printing presses and open up the government’s business bail-out window for service to the moneyed elitist few situated on or in close financial and philosophical alignment with Wall Street’s money-men. 


The implied and applied not-so-small fine-print at the Fed’s giveaway bail-out window reads in effect “The small businesses that have financial difficulty situated along America’s Main Streets need not apply.” 


In the not so distant past, Chrysler Corporation came along to be “bailed” out by the government aka U.S. taxpayers.  Then shortly thereafter up to Washington hat-in-hand go “big name” national banks who “mistakenly” had invested in some “foreign” countries who decided not to pay their delinquent bank loans.  Then of course New York City couldn’t pay its bills either.


Guess who paid them all … us!


Of course, the benevolent U.S. taxpayers felt obligated to bail out these large corporate, city and banking giants.  After all, those who we sent to Washington as our representatives to run the government certainly had the U.S. citizens’ best interest always in mind when government officials made their multiple bail-out decisions—always suggesting that to not bail out these giants would be “worse” for America even unpatriotic.


You can add to these past 60+ years of our government’s financial three-shell game scam the direct financial, cultural and criminal processing burdens imposed on U.S. citizen taxpayers by our government’s impotent response to illegal immigrants who continue to use and abuse benefits that otherwise could be shared with U.S. senior citizens and other “legal” U.S. citizens.


Making our country’s financial matters worse, while unemployment continues to rise in our country at this time, is corporate America’s unpatriotic transfer of American jobs to citizens of other countries—many of those countries having official government policies and positions in place directly in opposition to those supported by the citizens of America.


And, since in recent years we seem to be sending to Congress in greater numbers only those who can financially afford to keep up with the elitists (those both within the walls of government and those wealthy string-pullers from outside those once-hallowed walls), maybe it is time to seriously rethink who we “trust” our country’s future with.


When government leaders appoint former CEOs and other “big shots” from those recently failed or near-failed financial institutions to positions of influence in the government or to so-called “blue ribbon” commissions to remedy a financial disaster, that represents (at its worst) business as usual for the inside the Washington beltway good-ole boy system.


The average American senior citizen relies financially on a fixed income.  When fuel, food and medical prices are sky-rocketing, seniors need to act!  They can write, telephone and visit with their congressional leaders and other government officials to voice their opposition to the reckless spending of their hard-earned money.


Unfortunately, if little or nothing is done to stop the proposed Wall Street $700 billion bail-out and to stop the run-away federal spending in all areas, the next place government and other elitists will visit is your federal social security and Medicare benefit budgets—benefits that have been earned and paid for by you.


I’m confident that you already recognize that government and corporate elitists do not rely on these benefits for the health and safety of themselves or their families and frequently they do not make either wise or benevolent decisions regarding the health and safety of senior citizens.


Right now, our great country seems to be holding on to life in the financial intensive care unit—an intensive care unit regrettably owned by some off-shore country and managed by former Wall Street lobbyists with designs on taking all it can from America.


Isn’t it time that we the people (senior citizens and all other citizens) say to our government’s elitists, “Enough is enough!”


© Submitted by Bob Grafe for publication on 09-25-08.

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