Santa’s Prayer on Christmas Day 2008

Santa’s prayer overheard earlier this Christmas day: 


Dear God.  I hope you’re not too busy to hear my Christmas prayer this year.  I know I haven’t prayed as much as I should have ever since I had that darned knee surgery.  But, if you don’t have time to listen, I’ll certainly understand. 


Not to complain, but this getting older is starting to get old.  I feel like I’ve been a senior citizen for nearly a couple of dozen centuries!  And, hardly anyone even remembers my real name anymore—Nicholas.  I don’t think I actually ever deserved receiving that “Sainthood” later on.  But, I appreciate them thinking about me in that way.


You know, they call my home country “Turkey” these days.  I don’t even recognize the old neighborhood when I stop by there each year now.  Of course, it’s been about 1,600 years since I was raised there. 


Things throughout the rest the world are sure different now than they were back then too.  Or, maybe I’m just getting forgetful?  I can’t even remember when my hair turned white! 


God, as I pulled my empty sleigh into the garage at the back of my shop at the North Pole this morning, having completed my worldly Christmas presents delivery rounds, I couldn’t help but recall that there just didn’t seem to be as many smiles throughout the world as there usually is.


Even all of my faithful reindeer seemed a bit on edge this year.  Poor Rudolph didn’t seem to have that “light” about him anymore either.  And, I hate to tell you this, but this past year, Mrs. Claus couldn’t even recall how many years we had been married.  You know, I’m concerned about her too.  She’s getting tired.


Maybe it’s time to … well, you know … to retire.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed every minute of these past one-thousand plus years … please don’t get me wrong.  But, God, perhaps I’m getting too old for this.  Maybe a younger Santa is in order now.  Or, maybe we just hang it up as another wonderful tradition … gone.


You know, when we started this Christmas remembrance thing, you and I knew that the world was full of “believers” in you and your Son.  All I was supposed to do was to spread some good cheer around as everyone remembered your Son’s birthday.  They gave thanks for a loving God and his son Jesus, and thanks for their good friends and family. 


And, the “little ones” who were too young to have fully developed a testimony of you and your Son’s goodness, now they were to receive a few little gifts—as a reminder of how special they were—just like the wise men bringing your Son special gifts shortly after His birth.  However, in recent years, this “gift” thing has really gotten out of hand and the real meaning of Christmas seems to be lost largely because of that.


And, God, it’s so different now.  People around your beautiful world don’t seem to want to pay attention to your teachings any more either.  When you taught about loving the Lord thy God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as thyself—that has been drowned out in so many places around the world by people claiming that there is no God.


I know that you know all of this because you’re God.  I guess that I’m just letting off some steam.  But, please help me to understand how this old Santa is suppose to cope with observing so many crooks stealing the “people’s” money, so many so-called righteous leaders attempting to lead their political followers in wrong and unrighteous directions, so many people not paying attention to your commandments—commandments that are very easily understood and easy to follow—and with so many people now even being cruel towards Santa and his helpers when all we want to bring is some joy into the hearts of children and others.


Many of my helpers are much much younger than I am—if they only knew—ho, ho, ho!  But, so many are young senior citizens just trying to do what they know in their hearts is right.  Please, God, give them a little joy each day to help them overlook the occasional mean remark to them that is sometimes made by the mostly unthinking.


And, please let the joyous greeting of “Merry Christmas” fill the land again to be enjoyed equally by Christian and non-Christian alike as it is simply meant to bring good cheer to all.  Please let nativity scenes flourish as reminders of the birth of your Son.  And, if possible, could you cause stores to shorten the amount of time that they offer their Christmas “sales.” 


Christmas music would be great year-around—but, not those commercialized Christmas “sales.”


I know that you probably don’t have time to read our newspapers or to watch or listen to our other media reports, but things are pretty bad on planet earth right now.


These so-called “bail-outs” and the sinful way government and even some so-called religious leaders around the world abuse their powers is really putting a damper on what little remains of the ole’ Christmas spirit that we intended to share so many years ago.


Being my age, and having gotten to know, appreciate and to love you over the years, I know when some things have just gone too far for you to do much about.  Please tell me that we aren’t past the point of no return in this mess that we find ourselves in.


Dear God, the silence is deafening.  Maybe my hearing aid isn’t working again.  That must be it.  I’ll just continue to wait until I hear back from you.  You always get back to me in your own good time.


I do need to report that during the past few weeks, I’ve had many of our Santa’s helpers around the world either call in sick or just quit altogether because the reward of seeing others around the world in good spirits just simply isn’t there like it used to be.


God, I know that part of the world was pretty bad during your Son’s time on earth.  In fact, towards the end of your Son’s earthly life things got downright nasty.  I have to tell you, I couldn’t have pulled off being Santa Claus during His time.


And, the more I think of it, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this Santa calling very much longer.


It may be time for the Mrs. and me to move along to our new home—closer to your neighborhood.  I’ll hold out for awhile here at the North Pole as I await an answer to prayer.


You know that I’ve always followed your guidance in the past.  And, I always will in the future.  But, God, the world needs you and your Son’s guidance really bad.  I don’t know if we can make it through another year.


© Submitted by Bob Grafe for publication on December 25, 2008

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