Let Survivaltimes roll!

As December 2008 comes to an end, the beginning of 2009 looks bleak at best in the USA and around the world.  Survivaltimes real purpose for being is primarily a result of the devastation experienced by many peoples around the world during 2008–but, our focus of assistance and guidance will be on those American citizens who have been hurt financially, emotionally, spiritually and perhaps even physically as a result of our government’s bungling of many aspects of our country’s security and stability.  This blog welcomes thoughtful and thought-provoking comments and suggestions of help pertaining to problems encountered as an American citizen.  This is not a hate blog.  Rather, this is a non-partisan blog of ideas that just might be helpful to someone reading this blog who is in “survival mode” and needs help rather than criticism.  With that in mind, we’re open for business … just not business as usual.

Bob Grafe

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